Isotu-Edeh bags health sustainability award, urges youths to be patriotic

A Public Health expert, Dr Edwin Isotu-Edeh, has been awarded Nigeria’s Sustainability Health Consultant of the Year Award 2021.

The award, hosted by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporters, is aimed at encouraging corporate foundations, non-governmental organisations, private and public sector individuals to deliver high impact CSR projects.

The recipient, Isotu-Edeh, has over 16-years strategic and technical level experience in the Public health and environment space, spanning across academia, industry, governmental and humanitarian spheres while consulting for United Nations.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, in Abuja, the expert said sustainable development was key to achieving all kinds of development in all sectors in the world.

“I am very delighted to be chosen on merit for the CSR award, It is a real motivation, it means that no matter where you are, no matter the value you are adding anywhere, people somewhere are seeing your work, one day, you may be appreciated for it.

“It is a motivation, and I want to use this medium to encourage young people to continue to make an impact,’’ he said.

Isotu-Edeh, who is the National Consultant, Public Health and Environment, WHO Nigeria, said sustainability emphasises driving development in such a way that it saves the environment, it balances economic prosperity and also ensure social inclusion.

“That has been our guiding principle in implementing all the health programmes that we are doing under the public health and environment programme in WHO Nigeria.

“I am particularly grateful to WHO for the opportunity to use my potential in coordination, communication and bringing stakeholders together to get interventions executed,’’ he added.

The expert said Nigerian youths in public and private sectors had made massive efforts in driving eco-friendly and ecosystem innovations, saying what was needed was for them to take responsibility.

“But right now, what we need in Nigeria is for young people to rise up to leadership by taking responsibility for the position they hold, and this needs to happen in the public, private, humanitarian, education and health sectors.

“We need young Nigerians to step up their game in terms of leadership, because a lot of setbacks we have in achieving the SDGs is not because the funds are not there, but sometimes because we do not have people who are responsible enough to know that what they are doing.

“It is not about them, but about the nation. They need to lead from a point beyond just having technical knowledge but taking responsibility when things go right or go wrong.

“They must have a mind that when things do not go right, somebody needs to get things done correctly and ensure that those things do impact on the lives of the people.

“There are so many environmental and developmental challenges in Nigeria, if the younger generation do not rise up to responsibilities, we will not get it.

“Excellence is not an act, it is a habit. We must be intentional about development and impact and it begins with the decisions we make everyday,” he explained.

He urged all Nigerians to be steadfast and committed to the nation, towards making the country a better place.

The CSR award is hinged on adopting a multi-stakeholder approach leading to excellence in project outcomes and measurable social impact.

It is also aimed at appreciating organisations and individuals who have dedicated their time and resources towards building a better society for all.

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