Expert says poultry value-chain still unexploited

A consultant in poultry farming, Mr Joel Oduware, has called for the harnessing of various value-chains in the sector to boost profits and productivity for farmers.

In an exclusive interview with NaijaEnvironmnetNews on Tuesday, he noted that many aspects of the sector still remain untapped.

According to him, there are different aspects of the poultry sector waiting to be explored, but are still lying fallow, saying benefits in poultry waste products value-chain were enormous.

“The poultry farmer is weighed down with a lot of work that he does not even have the time to consider the benefits in other aspects of its value-chains.

“There are so many by-products and aspects in the poultry sector we are not utilising at all.

“The poultry waste product value-chain is yet to be fully explored even with its inherent profitability,” he said.

According to him, the poultry litters can be de-watered and then be processed into organic manure for crop farmers.

“The droppings from the birds can be converted into biogas for cooking and heating energy from the farms.

“Poultry waste management, if explored, will be a big investment for the farmers.

“It can, however, be used as a source of calcium in birds’ feed.

“Egg shells contain calcium and if well processed, can be a source of calcium even in pharmaceutical industry.

“Some people have improved the value-chain and now use egg shells for the formulation of some cosmetic products.”

Oduware said that local poultry farmers had not started exploring the benefits of egg shells because they really did not see it as a viable source of revenue.

He called for the production of local egg powder instead of farmers complaining of inability to sell their produce (egg glut).

“Most farmers are just concerned about producing eggs and broilers to sell, we do not even have egg powder production companies in Nigeria, and farmers are complaining about egg glut.

“We still import egg powder being used in the confectionery industry and yet, we complain of egg glut without improving this value-chain.

“If we explore and research the poultry sector value-chain adequately, nothing will go into waste from the sector,” he said.

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