Group debuts film festival to showcase women’s rights

The Girl’s Voice Initiative Nation Academy, in conjunction with the French Embassy and other partners have organised a film festival to promote women’s rights and development in the entertainment sector.

The event was part of activities to commemorate the International

Mr Rafael Pont, Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, French Embassy, said the film festival was meant to promote women’s rights. 

According to him, the program has brought out many talents, saying the embassy hope to do more in the future to promote the rights of women.

“We are giving awards to 16 filmmakers out of the 3000 entries. We are involved in the promotion of women’s rights and we will like to congratulate all women on the International women’s day.”

He added that the French assembly was looking forward to more collaborations which would enhance and promote women in arts and entertainment.

The International Women’s Day Festival Director, Carolyn Seaman, said most of the entries submitted for the festival were of high quality.

She disclosed that the festival was organized to bring women into the limelight in the film industry.

” This program was organized with the aim of creating a better platform for women and also to appreciate the great work they are doing in the film industry. Women are usually not seen in leadership positions. We are here to bridge the gap and give more opportunities to women all over the world.” 

Nigeria’s Veteran Actor, Mr Tony Goodman, urged women in the film industry to have high moral values.

He disclosed that it was critical for ladies coming into the film industry to be fully disciplined and know the nitty-gritty of the profession.

“I want more women coming into the industry as a welcome development. I get so excited each time I get on set and I see ladies behind the camera.

“It means that a woman can think beyond just having children at home, and the other room and the kitchen”.

“We have vibrant young ladies, several CEOs in this nation, they didn’t get there by mere wish, they worked their way to the top.

“So don’t tell me one person is harassing you and then you got pregnant along the road. It means you are not disciplined and that is why you are stuck along the way.”

Award was given to 16 recipients in different categories in the film industry from different parts of the world.

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