Nigerians must sustain hand washing culture- NEWSAN

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to commemorate the 2022 World Hand Hygiene Day, the Society for Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN) has called for sustenance of handwashing culture at all times to prevent disease spread and promote hygiene behaviour in the country.

NEWSAN National Coordinator, Mr Benson Attah made this call in an exclusive interview to commemorate the 2022 World Hand Hygiene Day.

Attah said such culture must be imbibed, as recent happenings globally had shown the critical role that handwashing played in disease prevention.

The World Hand Hygiene Day is a global initiative annually celebrated on May 5, with the theme: “A health care quality and safety climate or culture”.

According to him, all stakeholders must encourage Nigerians to imbibe handwashing culture as a first line of barrier towards infection prevention and control.

“The importance of hand hygiene has been revealed in the last two years with the advent of COVID-19 when it comes to prevention of disease among citizens, within the family etc.

“Most diseases that majority of Nigerians face can be linked to poor hygiene, with this awareness now, it is crucial that we drive it to larger audiences in both urban and rural areas.

“If we take particular attention on hand hygiene, majority of these diseases will stop affecting people and people will be free from unnecessary outbreak of diseases.

“Most of these diseases occurs from things we put in our mouth and we usually touch different places, do different things without being conscious’’.

Attah also urged parents of little children to always wash their hands and the children too, as this would break disease transmission.

He expressed worry over actions of many Nigerians, especially in offices for abandoning the COVID-19 disease prevention protocols, saying this was not meant to be.

He however called on all stakeholders to ensure that handwashing facilities are made available and used in all public places.

“Hand washing should be part of our daily lives, in schools, markets, all public places, it should not be a one-off thing, but as part of our lifestyle’’.

According to the WHO, the 2022 theme is focused on recognising that everyone can add to a culture of safety and quality through cleaning their hands, and also that a strong quality and safety culture.

This will in turn encourage people to clean hands at the right times and with the right products.

The UN body says When a health facility’s “quality and safety climate or culture” values hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC), this results in both patients and health workers feeling protected and cared for. 

To prioritize clean hands in health facilities, people at all levels need to believe in the importance of hand hygiene and IPC to save lives, by acting as key players in achieving the appropriate behaviours and attitudes towards it. In other words, health workers at all levels and people accessing health care facilities need to unite on ensuring clean.

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