Enforce ban on tobacco advertisement- Group

The Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance has urged the Federal Government, and all stakeholders to intensify enforcement of the ban on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship in the country.

The group said tobacco advertisement persists in Nigerian movies and digital spaces, despite the ban placed by the National Tobacco Control Act, 2015.

In a press statement signed by its Programme Officer, Chubuike Nwokorie on Wednesday, the group also called on the National Broadcasting Commission to prohibit smoking in the upcoming Big Brother Naija Season 7.

“One of the most notorious violators of the TAPS ban is Smoke Box NG, a tobacco vendor that advertises tobacco products on social media with impunity.

“In 2021, Big Brother Naija, a popular reality TV programme, hosted on the GOTV and DSTV platforms, sparked public outrage when its participants flagrantly smoked on live TV. This depiction of smoking as glamorous challenged the provisions of the NTC Act, 2015 on on-screen smoking, it also threatened the gains made on the ban on TAPS in Nigeria. When it happened, the tobacco control community called on the National Broadcasting Commission to act immediately.

“This year, as the program is about to begin its 7th season, we are drawing the attention of the NBC to proactively engage the organizers of the show to ensure that there is no repeat of last year’s violations. We wish to make it clear that should there be a reluctance on the part of the regulators or the organizers to ensure a smoke-free programme, we will explore every available option in the interest of public health. It is important to note that entertainment products set the agenda for many young people because they are the eyes through which they see the world,” the statement read in part. 

The group also called on the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria to caution its members from flouting tobacco control laws and ensure that they abide by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria including the NTC Act.

“We sound a note of caution to the organizers of BBN and a reminder of their responsibility towards the Nigerian population. At this time when Nigerians are hungry for quality leadership, a programme with such national reach must be used to portray high-standing role models for the Nigerian people.

“At this critical time of our nationhood journey, we cannot afford to have entertainment for mere entertainment’s sake, and young and impressionable Nigerians must not be manipulated into thinking that smoking is good ’’it noted.

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