Groups make case for women, others to end Gender-Based Violence

Still worried by the incessant news of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) by some nefarious persons against women, less privileged and other vulnerable people across different quarters of the country, experts from diverse professions whom one can describe as “altruistic” are making case (literally) for such victims, in a bid to liberate them from the bondage of keeping silent in pains.

In a virtual session put together by Tabitha Empowerment Centre (TEC) over the weekend, these experts made it very conspicuous to Nigerian women that they have enormous divine power to change the world, lead a violence and intimidation – free life of fulfillment.

They maintained that when wickedness is allowed to celebrate the anniversary, it becomes a culture and norm, hence the need for women to be informed to enable them to make sound choices and decisions as well as act wisely in every circumstance.

With the theme: “Hidden Faces: Gender-Based Violence, Poverty, Reproductive Health & Bodily Anatomy”, the Founder & Executive Director of Tabitha, Christina Uzo- Okamgba, in a remark charged women to shun sentiments alongside its accomplice (selfishness) and support women in all facets of human endeavour but particularly against GBV.

According to her, a win for one woman is a win for every other women out there. “We can make this world a better place for us, we are not second-class creatures. Let the strong ones among women (those who have mental, connection & financial strength) support each other – the weak,” she implored.

On her part, the Founding Director, Ladies Leading Change, Barrister Ozioma Onyenweaku, bemoaned the level of illiteracy among a majority of women which has cost them a lot in life. “People can easily take advantage of your ignorance because you are not informed. So we need to encourage and help educate our fellow women. They need to know that they have rights to so many things like right to family planning and right to access to Land,” she said.

Onyenweaku emphatically challenged women to break out of what she called “Silence culture”a – situation when women die in silence when a plaintive voice raised would have saved lives.

“Women should break away from mental entanglement. There are help all over the places. Some individuals and corporates bodies are rendering pro bono services, so I wonder why one should die in silence. We don’t need men’s approval to amount to something. Women must be known that they must be alive because many lives depends on us. Moreover, every human being is a product of a woman, so women must not be treated with disdain. We must come out of the cave and live a fulfilled Life,” she admonished.

Similarly, the Executive Director, Women’s Right and Health Project (WRAHP) Mrs. Bose Ironsi, warned women not to endanger their Lives by wrong decisions and choices nor believing barbaric traditional practices, saying it’s high time women extricated themselves from the encumbrances of antiquated system and control of power welded to a set of people.

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