FG warns against employing underage househelps

The Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, has cautioned parents against giving out their children as domestic helpers or for adoption.

Kennedy-Ohanenye issued the warning on Tuesday during a New Year party in Abuja, celebrating school children and encouraging them on the path to greatness.

Highlighting the necessity of the warning, she emphasised the need to prevent cases of child molestation, domestic abuse, and other forms of mistreatment.

The minister stressed that child adoption should strictly adhere to legal frameworks and be closely monitored to ensure the well-being of the adopted children.

She further asserted that parents bear the responsibility of shielding children from all forms of abuse and harmful practices by providing safe spaces for their growth and development.

Kennedy-Ohanenye addressed the evolving landscape of child adoption, emphasising the changed narratives and the importance of not subjecting Nigerian children to maltreatment, even in international adoptions.

The minister urged parents not to have children they cannot adequately support, stating that the suffering of such children is unfair and unacceptable.

She emphasised the obligation of parents to ensure the well-being of their children and cautioned against subjecting them to unnecessary hardships.

Regarding house helps, the minister underscored the importance of employing individuals of appropriate age and stressed that they should not be subjected to maltreatment under any circumstances.

Rep. Kafilat Ogbara, House Committee Chair on Women Affairs, highlighted the role of children as the future of the nation, urging them to understand their significance in nation-building.

Ogbara encouraged children to view themselves as potential leaders and emphasised the need to be prayerful, obedient, and serious about their studies.

Asmau Muhammed-Ignamus, Gombe state Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, emphasised the protection of children’s rights and dignity through the Child Rights Act.

She noted that the Gombe state government has already adopted the Act to safeguard children in the state.

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