AIDS foundation to establish STI clinics in Benue, Abuja by June

By Dorathy Aninge

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global non-profit, is set to establish Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) clinics in Benue and Abuja, with an expected launch by June.

This initiative reflects a substantial commitment to address prevailing public health concerns.

This announcement was made by Mr Steve Aborishade, the Advocacy and Marketing Manager of AHF, during an event held on Tuesday in Makurdi to commemorate the 2024 International Condom Day (ICD).

The ICD, observed annually on February 13, strategically precedes Valentine’s Day, aiming to emphasise responsible and safe sexual behavior.

Aborishade highlighted the importance of addressing STIs, stating that some individuals might be unaware of their infection, underscoring the necessity for testing and access to counseling, treatment, and testing facilities.

The programme manager stressed the strategic significance of the event, noting that with Valentine’s Day approaching on February 14, traditionally celebrated as a day of love, it is crucial to promote safe sexual practices.

Aborishade urged individuals to consider abstinence but emphasised the importance of preaching condom use.

Amina Iyaji-Abiche, the AHF Prevention Coordinator in Benue, emphasised the consistent and proper use of condoms for the right individuals.

She mentioned that AHF collaborates with the Ministry of Health and other organisations to facilitate access to STI treatment in the state.

Mrs Ann Itodo, the Commissioner for Women Affairs, expressed appreciation for AHF’s initiative and announced plans for collaboration to mark the forthcoming International Women’s Day.

Partners such as APIN, BENSACA, and the Network of Youth Organisations joined a walk from AHF office to Tito gate Makurdi as part of the program.

The collaboration and initiatives outlined by AHF signal a proactive approach to tackle the spread of STIs and promote sexual health awareness in the region.

The establishment of STI clinics is poised to make significant strides in providing accessible testing, counseling, and treatment services for individuals in Benue and Abuja.

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