Appeal court ruling on vehicle roadworthiness not applicable in FCT- DRTS

The FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) has clarified that the recent Appeal Court judgment exempting private vehicles from obtaining roadworthiness certificates in Delta would not apply in the territory.

Mr Kalu Emetu, Head of Public Relations and Enlightenment at DRTS, emphasised in an interview said traffic regulations vary from state to state.

He explained that the judgment, delivered on March 21 in Asaba, pertains only to Delta and would not have nationwide implications.

Emetu underscored the distinct traffic management frameworks across states, citing differences in agencies and procedures.

”Therefore, the way it is done in Delta is not the way it is done in the FCT and other states.

”The basis on which the judgment was passed in Delta differs from other states, so, you will not say because a judgment was passed in Delta and you generalise it.

”Traffic matter is a state matter, the way it affects the people of Delta certainly will not be the same way it affects the people of Lagos State and others”, he said.

He highlighted the autonomy of states in formulating and enforcing traffic laws, noting that regulations are tailored to each state’s specific needs and circumstances.

Emetu concluded that the FCT administration’s decision to maintain roadworthiness certificate requirements aligns with its regulatory framework and serves the interest of public safety.

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